Toilet repair and Installation

We know that toilets are not everyone’s favorite topic, but much like tires on your car, they are essential to the basic functioning of your home.


Toilets are used consistently throughout the lifetime of the home and are certainly not indestructible. They need repair and replacement periodically, just like anything else in your home. Whether it is just the wax seal under the foot of the toilet, a broken or corroded flush handle, or one of the valves wearing out and allowing the toilet to run constantly, That Plumber has the tools and know how needed to repair or replace any part of your toilet.

Once in a while your entire toilet will need to be replaced and That Plumber can tackle that job and get your bathroom functioning again in no time. We will order the toilet you have chosen, deliver and install!

That Plumber proudly services and replaces toilets in Stark and Summit counties in Northeast Ohio, including Akron, Hartville, Louisville, Uniontown, Green, Massillon, Alliance, North Canton, Canton and surrounding communities.

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