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  1. Plumbing and Drain
    While modern plumbing is a wonderful thing, you often need a miracle by the time you call a plumber Most of the time calling a plumber is…
    1. Drain Cleaning
    2. Preventative Maintenance
    3. Faucets
    4. Gas Pipe
    5. Toilet Repair and Installation
    6. Toilet Drain
    7. Main Water Line Breaks
    8. Sewer Line Repair
    9. Refrigerator Water Line Installation
    10. Hot Water Tanks
    11. Garbage Disposal Installation and Maintenance
    12. Sump Pump Repair and Installation
  2. Handyman Services
    Our team can help you make it happen.  Whether it’s a large or small project we can help you pull it off.  Our courteous,…
    1. Commercial Maintenance
    2. Residential
  3. Emergency Services
      Dinner party in an hour and water is leaking from your bathroom, clogged drain - worse?  No problem.  Our team has extensive…
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  5. Our Difference
    At That Handyman, we truly want to be “the one you can count on”.  We will return your calls.  We will show up on…