Sewer Line Repair

 A sewage line is the main drainage pipe that carries water and waste away from your home and connects to your locality's sewer system. A leak or break in this vital plumping area can be catastrophic, costing thousands of dollars to both clean up  your home and repair  or replace the damaged lines.  

A break in your sewer line can be avoided by an inspection  by a licensed plumber.  A plumber will be able to tell you (especially important if you live in an older home)  what sort of shape your sewer line is in and if it will need to be replaced in the near future. A plumber will tell you to watch out for a few clues that you may need to have your sewer line serviced:

*If you have water backing up into your bath tub
*If you hear water gurgling too close to your bath tub drain
*If you have slow drains in any part of the house
*If you see a sinking area in your yard
*If you smell sewage in or around your home, even intermittently

If you suspect a clog or break in your home's sewer line, That Plumber has all the tools and equipment and personel necessary to find the cause and repair or replace the line. That Plumber is licensed in the state of Ohio and proudly serves Stark, Summit, Carroll and Wayne counties.