Stark County Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

While modern plumbing is a wonderful thing, you often need a miracle by the time you call a plumber

Most of the time calling a plumber is precipitated by something going wrong. To make matters worse, so much of our plumbing is hidden between floors, behind walls or worse... in the spider infested basement!

That's where That-Handyman, er... That Plumber  comes in!

You're probably aware of our core  plumbing services like repairing running toilets, leaking pipes and bath or kitchen faucets.  The less known culprits are those old pipes buried in your walls.

That-Handyman is a fully  licensed & insured plumber and specializes in both new construction plumbing as well as re-piping of existing residential plumbing. So when you look for a "plumber near me" look no further than That Handyman/ That Plumber! 

Some of our most common commercial and residential plumbing services:

It's best to call us before you need a miracle, but we're happy to help when those plumbing emergencies do happen.

We offer our plumbing & drain services in the Stark and Summit County areas.  Please don't hesitate to call or contact us for a free estimate on your next home improvement project.

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