We’ve all had that bad experience with a contractor

At That Handyman, we truly want to be “the one you can count on”.  We will return your calls.  We will show up on time.  We will complete projects.  We will honor our estimates.  We will follow up to ensure you are satisfied.

What we won’t do is show up at your door with a “flat service call fee”, do 15 minutes of work and leave.  Because there are expenses we have to pay (vehicles, insurance, salaries etc.) we, like most other contracting or plumbing businesses do have to have a service call fee.  Ours is $65.00 for Handyman and $90 for Plumbing.  That service call fee covers the first hour, not just the walk through the door!  What will make us different however, is we will provide you a full hour of service.  If we are able to resolve your reason for the service call quickly we will ask you how we can use the rest of your hour to complete other tasks.  We understand that it’s expensive to call on a contractor, so we want you to get true value for your dollars.

We are also licensed, bonded and insured. 

We have lived and worked in the North Canton/Plain township, Ohio community all our lives.  Our goal is to build a quality business built on good relationships and good customer service.