Are you smelling gas and the gas company tells you to call a plumber?

Wish your fireplace was gas? Adding a gas line for your new grill? Smell a gas leak?


That Plumber has trained experts on how to handle all of your gas line requests and needs.  If you have a suspected gas leak, the gas company will refer you to a plumber to get those leaks repaired!  Having a trained professional is important when talking about the safety of your family!

Operating a hot water heater, stove, furnace or dryer is typically more efficient with gas. Natural gas is typically the most affordable and cleanest, way to fuel your home’s appliances. At That Handyman, your North Canton plumbing experts, we can repair existing gas lines with leaks  or add gas lines for new fixtures!

Looking to add some fun new features to your home or business? We will even run gas lines safely to your swimming pool heater,  outdoor fireplace, fire pit, and/or barbecue grill! 


"We had a gas leak both from the outside into the house (Dominions responsibility) and a leak inside the house (our responsibility). We have been without gas (no cooking or hot showers here) since Friday. Gas company comes out last night and extends fixing it until Monday but our part is being done today, yes on a Sunday, thanks to That Handyman. We can't thank you enough. They are a  great business we love supporting. Please keep them in mind for all home jobs big and small!" Christina F., Canton, Ohio