Garbage Disposer Installation and Maintenance

 Kitchen sink backing up? Garbage Disposer Smell and Clogged?


A garbage disposer or waste removal unit is an extremely handy device, until it doesn’t work.  Proper care and maintenance of your garbage disposer can help prevent unexpected plumbing costs and repairs.  That-Handyman is a seasoned plumber with a few disposal care and maintenance tips that everyone who uses a household garbage disposal should keep in mind.

  • Fibrous foods like broccoli, potato peels, banana peels or artichokes can get stuck around your blades.  So, use your trash can or compost pile for these items.
  • Egg shells, coffee grounds and the like can clog your pipes, potentially requiring a plumber to clean your drains.
  • A cup of rock salt and ice cubes ground in the disposer will clean it.  Do not use bleach or commercial drain cleaner, they are not your friend!
  • Grinding lemons or other citrus fruit will help to alleviate bad smells and odors.
  • While the disposal is on, run cold water and leave it on for 30-60 seconds after the waste has cleared your drain.  What you are washing down has to clear the sink pipes and get to the main.
  • Hot water on fat or grease will help it clear your sink, but it can re-solidify later and cause a blockage further down in the drain.
  • A heavy load can cause the motor to switch off.  If you can’t get it to turn on, try pushing the reset button found on the disposer before calling a plumber, it just may save you a service call!
  • Having your drains cleaned once a year or so can also save you time and hassle!

Just ready for a new disposal or have a leak that you cannot fix?  We can help with that too!