Down Spout Line cleaning and repair

Water in your basement and your sump pump is working?  Have you checked your downspout lines?

Keeping your gutters and downspouts clean are one of the most essential home maintenance items.  When your gutters are full, they can block your downspout lines.  Blocked or full downspout lines can create flooding in and around your home.   

Downspouts can be blocked from leaves and even tree roots and debris!  We once pulled a 6' root ball from a clients downspout lines!  Having a professional, insured and licensed company cleaning your downspoutsat least once a year helps prevent major backups.  If you do have a backup, That Plumber can help!  We specialize in cleaning downspout lines of debri and in worst case scenarios, helping to excavate and repair crushed downspout lines, keeping the water flowing....away from your home!